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MA-NOA AQUA PARK see map (item 2)

Aqua Park located in Maracajau, about 2 miles south of Zumbi. Here can both the hole family have fun all day. Restaurant on site, and there it is organized diving trips, with bottle or snorkel, to the coral reefs a few miles off shore.This company organize also diving, and diving courses in Maracajau.

UP WIND see map (item 1)

UP WIND, new school of kitesurfing. Located in ZUMBI.
For information, contact FABIO restaurant “Namaste”,
see also Facebook

SPA TERMAS CENTER see map (item 3)

A luxury day is something we all long for. At this center, you can experience even more pleasure than only to be in Brazil. The center is located in Rio de Fogo, about 5 km from Recanto. An experience for body and soul. Massage can also be ordered to Recanto Zumbi.

PUNAU RIVER see map (item 1)

Follow the beach 45 minutes on foot south and you’ll reach the Punau river. A little up the river you will meet a cozy restaurant, where you get good food and drink at reasonable prices. Here is water, sand dunes, lush scenery and palm trees. There is swimming possibilities in the river, and river safaris by boat, and kayak rental. Great place that is absolutely worth a visit.

PONTA NEGRA – NATAL see map (item 6)

Beach Life and nightlife in Natal is centered in Ponta Negra area on the outskirts of Natal. The beach is famous for its sand dune, Moro do Careca, extending straight up from the sea.If you want all that the city can offer, some days here highly recommended. Ponta Negra beach is also ideal for surfing, and there are board rentals on the beach.

CABO SÃO ROQUE see map (item 5)

Located off Maxaranguape, Cabo São Roque is the tip of Brazil closest to Africa. Here, the wind who constantly blowing, intertwined two trees with huge roots. And finaly mingle, in one. It is called “Arvore do Amor (Tree of Love), as the legend says that a couple who kiss each other in the circle formed by these roots, remains united for life. Some people come from far away to drop a ribbon of fabric and make a wish that will come true when the ribbon will be timeworn.

FAROL DO CALCANHAR see map (item 4)

The Calcanhar Lighthouse, in the municipality of Touros, is the largest lighthouse in Brazil. It can be visited by appointment. But above, it mark the zero kilometer from the famous road “BR101”, which runs along all East coast of Brazil, from the state of Rio Grande do Norte, up to Rio Grande do Sul, for over 5000 km !

SÃO MIGUEL DO GOSTOSO see map (item 7)

Very popular with kite surfers, São Miguel do Gostoso is a seaside resort whose fame is growing. It has a host of stunning very wide beaches. Some are visited by many tourists or sportsmen while others are completely uncrowded.

GENIPABU see map (item 9)

Genipabu dunes extend to a beautiful sandy beach, ideal for swimming, sunbathing or for a drink with friends. Here is the kingdom of buggies. You can make an adventurous ride in the dunes and even ride on camels. From Zumbi, it is possible to ride along this coast aboard a buggy with a license’s driver.

PEROBAS BEACH – DIVE see map (item 3)

In the municipality of Rio do Fogo,at less than 5 km from Recanto Zumbi, is located the beautiful beach of Perobas. Here, you can meet traditional fishermen or take a fast boat to explore the underwater world (diving, snorkeling), along the coral Recife, where multicolored fishes abound. More information on this Facebook.

TAO PARADISE see map (item 15)

Tao Paradise is located at the mainspring of Punau river – about 45 minutes drive from Recanto and worth a visit.
Tao invite you to crystal waters surrounded by a banana plantation and 21 hectares of mango and avocado trees, passion fruit and pineapple plants, as well as hundreds of coconut palms. You will be happy of colors and scents in this beautiful natural paradise.

The restaurant serves you maybe bruchetta and fresh juice on arrival and later a 4 course warm lunch / dinner in italian flavors with Brazilian touch.
** Price per person approximately 120 BRL + eventually drinks.
Advance booking is necessary and can be done: Phone:(84) 99427-5445 Claro.
There are opportunities for transportation to/from with private buggies on Recanto (price approx 150 BRL per. buggy)

PUREZA see map (item 12)

This small village, kept away from the coast, in the heart of the region (halfway between Touros and João Câmara) deserves your visit. At this place, sources of crystalline water, gush into large natural pools where local people come to bathe. The water is so particularly transparent, clear and limpid that pools look like emeralds jewels.

CAJUEIRO DE PIRANGI see map (item 10)

The world’s largest fruit tree is located in Brazil, in Pirangi. Situated a few kilometers south of Natal, that tree (cashew tree) centennial that extends over 7000 m2 of surface, is a unique botanical curiosity in the world. It continue to grow and produce several tons of fruit per year.

PIPA – TIBO DO SUL see map (item 11)

The seaside resorts of Pipa and Tibo do Sul are the most famous in the region and tourists flock here to enjoy vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches. Some of the best are dominated by tall ocher cliffs.

GALHINHOS – GALOS see map (item 13)

In Galhinos, there is no car, you can access here by boat or buggy, only. The villages of Galinhos and Galos (his neighbor), form a peninsula dunes, sand and lagoons of incredible beauty. An unspoilt nature on a salins background.

PONTA DO MEL see map (item 14)

From North of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, between Macau and Mossoro, is a place still little frequented by tourists and yet beautiful. Browse the road between Porto do Mangue and Ponta do Mel is a delight. Wild landscapes, breathtaking with white and roses dunes, along the ocean who borders wild beaches

Some residents in Recanto can help you in organizing most of these travels.

– Knut, Elge (Norvegians) and Rolf (Swedish) offer buggy transports. More information here.
– Jean, a french owner in Recanto, offer some car transfers and guided experiences in 4×4 off-road. More information here.

Map of main points of interest near from Recanto Zumbi

Begin to discover neighboring states of Rio Grande do Norte


If you want to explore further the “NORDESTE” Region of Brazil, southern from Rio Grande do Norte, you can continue your journey through Jõao Pessoa, and go up to Olinda and Recife (located about 250 km south of Natal), in the state of Pernambuco. Here your trip will become cultural, considering you’ll discover lot of colonial architectural gems. Your journey will be further enhanced in visiting many beaches each more beautiful than the other.


Further north west of Brazil, is the state of Ceará, with it’s capital, Fortaleza, located about 500 km from Natal. It is possible to travel by there, by road or even off road, by the beaches (the way is then shorter, but realy beautiful and you’ll live an exceptional adventure) on a buggy or a 4WD vehicle. Throughout this journey, you will be delighted by the discovery of wild landscapes, for, finally, lead you to the famous beaches of Canoa Quebrada and Moro Branco.



The nearest small village to the Condominium Recanto Zumbi, is the village of Zumbi. Zumbi has about 3000 inhabitants, and the inhabitans lives a simple life under the sun. Unlike parts of Natal, which is very modern, you can meet the local family on a trip by horse and cart in The Zumbi willage. Fishing is the main source of livelihood. You are walking to the Zumbi willage in 10 minutes along the beach or the road. Here you might happens to meet some curious donkeys, or wild horses.

The local population is poor in material things. They are, however, proud, polite and very accommodating. Say hello, be polite, and do not be afraid to take contact. Few people speak English, but with the finger language and a dictionary will do. Here you do not have mass tourism, and you meet the real “Brazil”. The locals use the beach frequently. It is an important gathering place, and many spend much time here, both for work and leisure. They play football and doing some form of training on the beach. The locals also goes out in there primitive fishing boats and fishing nets along the shore several times a day. A nice experience where the catch varies widely, and early in the morning, you can buy some fresh king prawns or fresh fish to have on the barbecue, directly from the fishermen.

Big shopping and purchase of fresh food should be done in Natal, but you can buy more than you first might think in the village of Zumbi. Support the locals and buy what you can in the local stores. There are, among other things, several small groceries, clothes shops, pharmacy, hardware, and hairdresser. Several of the small groceries drives the goods over to the resort, at no additional cost. The Zumbi willage can also offer simple bars / restaurants. Down by the beach is 5 beach bars in a row. Here you get cheap drinks, snacks, and today’s fish straight from the sea. In addition there are 2-3 other restaurants in Zumbi. Try he pizza restaurant just behind the beach bars. Good pizza, but also other dishes on request. Friendly owners who speak German. Many have tried the local hairdresser successfully. He takes about 5 Real for a gentelmans cut.


Natal has several shopping centers with everything you need, and more. Midway Mall is the biggest, also with cinemas. In the Alecrim area in Natal you will find a permanent market, consisting of street stalls. Cheap and simple products. In the Petropolis area you will find fashion shops and designer clothes. Carrefour has two large stores in Natal, one located north of Natal.
Here you get everything. Daily shoppping of groceries you can do in the Zumbi village. Note, however, that the selection here is limited. Purchase of fresh meat products, and other “luxury” foods must be done in Natal or Touros.

ZUMBI market: In the fishing village Zumbi, which is only a few minutes walking distance from Recanto, there will be a market in the town center every Wednesday morning from approx. at 05.00. Here you can buy lots of different items.

TOUROS market: Touros is about. 20 mile drive north from Zumbi. There is every Tuesday morning from approx. 6.30 held a market in the city. It is an experience worth checking out. Everything from vegetables, meat (live and dead), clothes, shoes etc. are sold.

General information

Short info about Brasil
Almost 200 million inhabitants and an area of 8,514,877 km²
Portuguese is the main language, and the currency is Real (BRL)
The capital is Brasilia.
For more info about Brazil, see Wikipedia.
For more info about the Rio Grande do Norte, see Wikipedia.

Rio Grande de Norte, nord for Natal
Recanto Zumbi

Contact your doctor.

From a lot of Europeen countries It is not necessary with a visa for stays of less than 90 days. Check with the Brasillian ambassey. The passport must have a validity of 6 months after departure date.

Recanto Zumbi has its own well, and many drink this water. The quality is tested and has good quality. Otherwise do not drink tap water, but buy bottled water.

Medical and hospital
The nearest local emergency services are in Touros. Some travel insurance companies recommend these two excellent private hospitals in Natal.

Hospital do Coracão de Natal Ltda
Rua Cel. Auris Coelho 235
Lagoa Nova
Phone: +55 84 3209 2000

PROMATER – Hospital e Maternidade Ltda.
Rua São José, 1979
Lagoa Nova
Phone: + 55 84 3204 0800 / 0779 / 7752

220 v.

Real (BRL). You get a good exchange rate when you use Visa card at ATMs. The nearest ATM is located in Rio de Fogo, about 5 km from Recanto Zumbi. Otherwise, there are many ATMs in Natal, including in the Midway Mall shopping center.

Take the usual precautions as you should do, whether you are in a Europeen city or out in the rest of the world and you will hardly notice anything to it whatsoever. Dont show money and precious objects. Do not be drunk in bad areas at night. Do not have much money, camera, passport etc. when you are at carnivals or local parties. There are lots of people and crowds and pickpocket is common on such occasions.

Time difference and calendar
3-6 hours behind Europe. Check the Brazilian calendar for review about holidays, carnival, etc.

Zumbi is 5 degrees south of the equator. That means there is very little difference between summer and winter. Zumbi is located in the southern hemisphere, so the small difference in seasons opposite to Europe. Day temperature is usually between 26-32 degrees, while at night varies between 20 -25 degrees. There are only a few degrees difference during the year. Period Sept – March is usually very dry. It can rain all year, but the “rainy season” is during the period April to July. The rain comes often in heavy showers, and so the sun shines just fine afterwards. This period is extra lush due to the increased precipitation. In addition, it can be mentioned that the wind is blowing in from the Atlantic all year. This means that the heat does not feels so oppressive. Wind strength may vary during the year, and is strongest Sept-October. Weatherforecast you find here, Normals of Natal are here.

Tidal info and sun / moon information please see here.

The nearest ATM is located in the village of Rio de Fogo, approximately 5 km away Recanto Zumbi. In Natal, it is ATMs at the major centers, and the airport. Remember to hide your PIN. Cards can also be used in stores.

In Brazil, the language is Brazilian – Portuguese. English is not very common among most people. Here you can learn some Portuguese before you travel to the the sun. Or here. Google have a very good translation program. Translate text or internet pages.

Flights from Europe to NatalCharter planes from Amsterdam directly to Natal every week. eller TAP have flights 4-5 times a week directly from Lisboa to Natal, with correspondences all over Europe. For those who want to see more of Brazil, many of the major companies have flights from Europe to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Here it is possible to get tickets at a reasonable price. There are many Brazilian companies operating between the south of Brazil to Natal, at low prices. Here you can check the arrival / departure times in Natal and the rest of Brazil.